Student Residence Center

On-Campus Housing

Most college students find that the positive experience of learning to live with others enriches their lives. YVC’s residence hall experience can prove to be as valuable as your academic experience.

奇幻城线上娱乐官网The Student Residence Center (SRC) provides a safe living community for students at a competitive price. The residence hall is located on the Yakima campus and is within a short walking distance to classes, the library, and other campus and recreational facilities.

The SRC has features that meet your needs and will enhance your college experience!

Video Tour of Housing

Housing Options Available

Double Unit

  • Unit Size: 175 Square Feet

  • 奇幻城线上娱乐官网Occupancy: 2 People

  • Beds: 2

  • Rate: $350 (per person)

Single Unit

  • Unit Size: 126 Square Feet

  • 奇幻城线上娱乐官网Occupancy: 1 Person

  • Beds: 1

  • Rate: $375

Large Unit

  • 奇幻城线上娱乐官网Unit Size: 175 Square Feet

  • Occupancy: 1 Person

  • Beds: 2

  • Rate: $400

Moving in?

Read the Fall 2019-20 Housing Check-in information.


Get an idea of what we are about and living here. Read our brochure.


奇幻城线上娱乐官网You’re only a few steps away from living on campus.

girls sitting on bed in dorm

Dorm Room Amenities

Your room includes:
regular size twin bed, desk and chair, closet, and dresser

Utilities included

奇幻城线上娱乐官网Air conditioning unit

Individually controlled heat and cooling

奇幻城线上娱乐官网Cable TV and Internet hookups in each room

*In-room cable TV/Internet service at additional cost

student cooking

Kitchen Features

奇幻城线上娱乐官网Each floor has a community kitchen with a *stovetop/range, oven, refrigerator, toaster, and microwave.

奇幻城线上娱乐官网Residents are permitted to have a microwave and/or dorm size refrigerator in their dorm room.

CDX’s Dining Service offers food service on campus and is open for breakfast & lunch meals. Days and hours of operation may vary.

*Stovetop roasting, pan frying, deep frying, are prohibited. Grease and oil are prohibited.

student unpacking

Building Features

Cable TV in public areas

Personal mailboxes

On-site laundry facilities


Recreation room featuring pool, foosball, and ping pong tables

Wireless Internet in public areas

In-house Internet café

Off Street Parking

*See brochure for most up-to-date information.

Housing Forms


What size are the beds and can I bring my own bed or mattress?2018-02-02T19:48:26+00:00

奇幻城线上娱乐官网All beds are regular twin.  Not extra long.    And, sorry, no you cannot bring beds or mattresses.

How do I pay my rent?2019-12-19T23:40:26+00:00

The Housing Office cannot accept payments. Checks and money orders must be made payable to Yakima Valley College. Payments must be paid in advance of due dates.

Yakima Valley College
Attention: Cashier’s Office
P.O. Box 22520
奇幻城线上娱乐官网 Yakima, WA 98907-2520

In Person:

Payment in-person can be made with cash, check, money order, credit, or debit card at the Cashiers Office located in the Deccio Higher Education Building (#8).

Online (YVC students only):

Important note:  Tuition and other fees including housing amounts will be shown all together.  The Housing office will distribute bills with monthly breakdowns. Housing deposits are not available to pay online. For more information regarding Housing finances, you can contact the Housing Office at 509.574.4885 or src@bancrp.com

See Appendix – Housing Payments & Fees for details and the most up-to-date information.

What day is rent due?2019-12-19T23:55:40+00:00

Rent is due on the first day of every month. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed on the sixth day.

See Appendix – Housing Payments & Fees for details and the most up-to-date information.

What is my resident address?2018-02-02T19:48:27+00:00

You will have your own mailbox and this is your address:
(Resident Name)
1113 South 14th Avenue
奇幻城线上娱乐官网 Yakima, Washington 98902

Where will I eat?2018-10-08T16:44:41+00:00

The residence hall at Yakima Valley College offers kitchens on each floor. The kitchen is equipped with a stove (see frying rules below), refrigerator, microwave, tables and chairs. Cooking and eating utensils are not provided. We have found from experience that this room is very popular in that students can cook there, eat in a large area with friends and then study.

奇幻城线上娱乐官网Of course, you can bring a small refrigerator (36 inch/3 cubic feet) or small microwave to cook in your room if you wish. There are grocery stores within walking distance of the residence hall.

We do not have food service in the building. Food service奇幻城线上娱乐官网 is available on the main campus in the bookstore with convenience items only. The Yak Pack n Go Marketplace will open in the HUB in the fall of 2018.

There are several restaurants and fast food establishments in the local area.

​For SRC kitchen rules, including stovetop/range options, please read the SRC Kitchen Rules &  SRC Frying Rules.



Contact Us

Housing Office Contact
Office location:
Yakima Campus
Student Resource Center
Building 30, Room 101
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