Math Center

Are you taking a mathematics class this quarter?

Then the Mathematics Center is a service provided for you!

奇幻城线上娱乐官网Services in the Mathematics Center are available free of charge to all YVC students. Appointments are not needed, so simply drop in.

The math centers, located on the first floor of Glenn Anthon Hall, Building 4, Room 101 on the Yakima Campus and in the Main Building, Building 56,  Room 102 at Grandview Campus, provide drop-in instructional support for classes from arithmetic through calculus.

Math Department instructors and instructional technicians provide individualized assistance to address students’ questions about topics from their mathematics courses as well as other mathematics-related courses. Help is also provided through computer/CD instruction focusing on concept development and guided practice. Resources such as calculators, textbooks, manipulatives, math-related materials, and supplemental written materials are available to students in the study areas of the center.

Additional Tutoring is available at the Tutoring Center.

Math Center Hours

Yakima Campus  Phone: 509.574.4862
Monday & Wednesday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday & Thursday  8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday Closed
Grandview Campus  – Closed Summer Phone: 509.882.7056
Monday & Wednesday 8:30 am – 7:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am am – 5:00 pm
Friday Closed

Hours will vary during the summer quarter.

What is available?

  • A mathematics instructor who can assist you with questions.

  • Large tables for group or individual study.

  • Textbooks and student solution manuals for most classes offered at YVC.

  • CDs for most topics, which you can use in the Center.

  • 奇幻城线上娱乐官网Computer programs for most topics in mathematics, including textbook-specific programs.

  • Anything else a mathematics student might need, including resource books, calculators, graph paper, rulers, etc.

Why should I use the Math Center?

奇幻城线上娱乐官网Wise use of your study time is important, since each new topic in mathematics builds upon previous concepts. If you spend a few minutes seeking answers to questions, you can save hours of time and frustration and be more successful in mathematics. Students often meet their friends at the center to study and prepare for exams.

奇幻城线上娱乐官网In analyzing student success, we have found that students who use the Math Center are as much as 12% more successful in their classes than those who do not use its services. Hope to see you soon!